image/svg+xml think outside retrofitting resilience about domestic production system showcase community facilitation system domestic production system Time and date TBA Mad? Brave? Just plain stupid? This is the race for you. Build your own pedal-powered craft to cross our beloved Lake Burley Giffin and win buckets full of glory while raising awareness and much-needed funds for Sea Shepard Marine Conservation Society. physical flows Time and date TBA A lesiurly afternoon cycle for descerning gentlemen and distinguished ladies. Match your finest metalic stead with your finest coats, gowns and livery. With plenty of frolicing and picnicing along the way this will be a gentle ride from a gentler time. think outside think outside invites you to celebrate alternatives, to think outside the mundane and everyday ways of doing things and to explore new ways of moving through space and time. By linking local groups and making connections between people and places we are creating an organic space where the seeds of a new, friendlier world can be sown. A carnival. An opportunity. A challenge. energy flows Time and date TBA More information coming soon showcase More information coming soon social flows Time and date TBA More information coming soon community facilitation system If you would like to help out with one of our events fill in our volunteer form via the 'Get Involved' link. If you are involved in a group or event that would like to participate in think outside, send a short description of your group/event to Send all media enquires to Send all other enquires/comments to ecological flows 12-2pm, Saturday, March 12 A celebration of the power and individuality of the human body? A symbol of the vulnerability of cyclists in traffic? An imaginative statement about oil dependency? A peaceful protest against car culture? A thanksgiving for the humble bicycle? Public performance art? The World Naked Bike Ride is what you make it.

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